The mission of the organization is to provide quality music instruction with the goal of attaining the highest level of artistic excellence in choral music performance. An equally important aspect of the Chorus is the nurturing and growth of discipline, responsibility, teamwork and self-confidence. The choir endeavors to enrich the lives of children from all religious, racial, cultural and economic backgrounds.


  • To foster the personal and social growth of choir members and promote their sense of self-worth, self -esteem, accomplishment and pride.
  • To expose children to the values and beliefs of other cultures and societies.
  • To attain the highest level of excellence in public and recorded performances.
  • To maintain Chorus membership open to children of all racial, cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds.
  • To contribute to the cultural life of the Dallas Metroplex, the state of Texas, the nation, and the world.
  • To increase the quality of singing in area schools by providing an organization which can excel beyond the experience in average school choirs.

Based on membership numbers, the program from to year to year may consist of separate choirs, each dedicated to excellence of musicianship by developing the skills available at different levels of the child’s musical learning experience. Separate choirs rehearse at various scheduled times, with additional rehearsals as scheduled.

The Southwest Children’s Chorus is a special learning environment designed to provide a rich and rewarding musical experience for each child. The children study and perform a variety of music from simple unison folk songs to contemporary musical literature. Both sacred and secular repertoire is selected. Concepts about music (melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, dynamics, form, style, and performance practice) and musical skills (singing, theory, sight reading, etc.) are taught throughout the rehearsals. Musical concepts are taught through singing, listening, and analysis. Singing skill and musical understanding are essential components of the creative process and fundamental concepts of music education. We further hope that this experience will form the foundation of a life-long relationship with music for the singers and their families.

The Chorus learns and performs from memory secular and sacred choral compositions from the Renaissance to Baroque, from contemporary to pop, and from international folk songs to Broadway selections.